About Us

Confianza Internet was founded in 2016 offering internet consulting services; From its launch to date, its business model was changing to offer a range of solutions to meet the high demand of its customers. The great demand of the customers was to centralize everything they can do on the internet within a single organization, which is why we had to transform ourselves into providing multiple solutions.

Our range of services is varied, we are not the 100% developers of the services provided, we have a range of suppliers and freelancer that make our work easier and faster.

We are responsible for the work, we coordinate with internal or external work groups, we hire the suppliers and we follow up; We are one more department of your company but outside the building.

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of the companies that offer internet solutions outsource part of their work.


of companies know that they must invest in the internet to continue growing


Those who make their own websites using free tools get results.


Of those who use free tools like WIX, they end up investing twice as much.

I have been on the Internet for more than 20 years (Systematic IT Solutions, Web Consultants, ICOX and Oviedo Ortiz Creative), and the experience gave me enough capacity to help you make the best decision; I have the virtue of being able to guide many companies, businesses, professionals and event organizers (congresses, meetings) to achieve the balance between investment and return. Internet is as changing, as is the market or navigators, therefore one is always attentive to everything that is to come. You can be ahead or accompany the wave, but that decision is not made with the heart and desires, simply using the head and thinking about what happens with every action we take.

"Every step we take is a decision that we must make together."

Luis Oviedo Ortiz
Founder - Confianza Internet