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For Confianza Internet your query is not a concern, we will be delighted to answer your concerns and advise you the best way before we make any decision, we are a company with much more in the market and we know that you will have to fear to become a nightmare for your phones prefer not to contact us; In this case, you call us and we contest. Solely if you need it and we count on your authorization we will contact you again through the coordinated way together. Our policy is very clear, we are serving our visitors and / or customers. We are for Ayudarlos, in the dude to communicate with us.


Av 24 de Septiembre 788
Córdoba - 5004
United States
Jewett City
Connecticut - 06351


+54 351 639-9428
United States
+1 860407 2108


Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM a 6:00 PM
Training and courses
Saturday and Sunday
Closed. In family or in an event